Wild west terminology

wild west terminology

Bangtail – wild horse; mustang. Barefoot – unshod horse. Barn sour – horse that loves his stall; speeds up the pace as he nears the barn on the journey home. COWBOY: A person, in the western United States, who tends cattle and The term “waddy” is an old term that no one seems to be able to actually put their. Sometimes slang is used so much that it earns a definition/place within a set of technical terminology. When writing about the Old West, cowboy. Keeping your son in my thoughts and prayers. Picket pin — a pin driven into the ground with a rotating swivel to allow a horse to be staked out on a long rope in an open pasture. In addition to the hundreds of words and phrases, readers will also enjoy more than vintage images. I'm always looking for more sources arabian nights game cowboy speak. Sharla, great list of cowboy slang and jargon! Pimple — cowboy's name for the very small saddles used by Easterners. Hoss — a horse. Flea-bitten — horse that has completely changed its base coat to either pure white or "flea-bitten" gray; a color consisting of a white hair coat with small speckles or "freckles" of red-colored hair throughout; also connotes an old horse although horses do not get fleas. When writing about the Old West, cowboy speak adds atmosphere and realism to the story. Dude — man from the city, inexperienced rider or wealthy Easterner who goes to a ranch to experience the cowboy life; also a mail-order cowboy. Lunger - Slang for someone with tuberculosis. Author Websites Andrea Downing Barbara Caitlin Claire McEwen Heather Frey Blanton Hildie McQueen Julie Lence Krista Ames Kristy McCaffrey Lauri Robinson Letisha Stanton Lynda Cox Nan O'Berry Patti Sherry-Crews Paty Jager Robyn Echols Zina Abbott Shanna Hatfield. Sideline — specialized hobble, rope that connects a front leg to its corresponding hind leg.

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Top 5 Old West Facts Dusted — thrown from a horse. A Hog-Killin' Time - A real good time. Please email jancook myvocabulary. Lowdown, dirty sneaking polecats. Visit The Long Riders' Guild! wild west terminology Stampede string or stampede strap — a strap on a cowboy hat that keeps it from flying off in a gallop or strong wind. Widow maker — a very bad or "outlaw" horse. Meaning a big party with lots of dancing and excitement. Last updated November 11, I reckon — I suppose, I believe. Shoot one's mouth off — To talk nonsense. Would rather sit around the coffee pot than help. Hurricane deck — the saddle of a bucking horse. To that end, I offer this little collection of idioms, which I have gleaned during my reading travels. I admire the work that went into compiling this list. Usually a female "Buck's tryin' to make a mash on that new girl. Raise hob — raise hell as in going to town to raise hell. An example might be the technical terms that computer geeks use.

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Evolution of American English. Books have borrowed it, movies have parodied it, and children gallop around on stick horses mimicking it. Lambasted — to hit or slug. Shooting iron, six shooter — gun, pistol. Yaller — yellow, coward; dialect. Meet Odessa Clay and Get to Know Her!

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